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PureAlign Cork Yoga Mat

PureAlign Cork Yoga Mat

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Introducing the 1 Terra Cork Yoga Mat – where sustainability meets superior performance.

🌿 Sustainable Harmony: Crafted with care, our mat boasts an organic cork surface that's not only gentle on the environment but also biodegradable TPE for a stable and eco-friendly foundation.

🌊 Non-Slip & Waterproof: Enhance your practice with a non-slip, waterproof mat that provides a confident grip for every pose, all while safeguarding our precious planet.

♻️ Recyclable & Biodegradable: Committed to Earth's well-being, our mat's cork and TPE materials are both recyclable and biodegradable, giving you peace of mind with every practice.

🧘 Optimal Size: Measuring 72” x 24” and 5mm thick, our mat provides a spacious and comfortable surface for your yoga journey.

🌲 1Mission: At 1 Terra, we believe in giving back. That's why 1.1% of our profits go to projects dedicated to revitalizing forests in need. When you choose 1 Terra, you choose a greener and brighter future for our planet.

Elevate your yoga practice and join us in making a positive impact. Choose the 1 Terra Cork Yoga Mat for a more sustainable, supportive, and Earth-friendly journey.

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